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About Us

Who are we?

Envision is a Private Personal Training Studio in Hendon, London. We are a community first studio, providing bespoke training and nutrition guidance to ensure our clients see their fitness and health as a valued and enjoyable part of their life, rather than a chore.

If you have a stop-start relationship with exercise and “dieting”; we provide people like yourself with the tools, guidance, and support to not only achieve impressive short-term body transformations, but also to create you with a framework to keep and build upon these results for life.

The Envision Studio was founded by its Head Coach, Marllone (the man now typing in the third person). With over 15,000 Personal Training hours and over 10 years in the industry; it’s safe to say I have seen and helped develop every type of ability out there!

We understand for most people gyms can be pretty intimidating. Most gyms will charge you for access to a room of complex equipment and without the knowledge or direction, getting real sustainable results are extremely difficult.

Throw in some bro-science diet advice and lack of a proper fitness plan; most people end up frustrated and not wanting to complete the expensive 12-month mandatory sentence that they were pressured into signing up for… Sound familiar?

While these types of chains are focused on numbers and turnover of people for profit; we take a completely different approach for our clients and culture. Our focus is working one on one with our clients; making sure not only they understand how things work, but we also ensure our team learn about the client, their needs, and the best route they need to take to reach their desired outcomes.


We are totally against the concept of 12-month contracts.


We want our clients to stay because they are kicking goals rather than feeling trapped. We implement nutrition and lifestyle coaching as standard into every one of our packages ensuring 360 support throughout. Members also have access to our online education which surrounds all the areas we focus on. This allows them to implement our advice whenever it works for them! 

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General fitness programs are not for everybody. If you are looking for a truly personalised program surrounded by a supportive and attentive community, this is the place for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries and we would be happy to help!