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Personal Training

What you get

Your Transformation Pathway:

This is where you and your PT, will work together to break down your long-term goals into step-by-step targets. The goal here is to create a crystal-clear path that will lead you towards goal, whatever that may be.


Bespoke Program:

We make you a 100% bespoke programme design following an in-depth movement assessment and based on your Pathway. We do not do cookie-cutter, everything is designed with your progress and lifestyle in mind.

1-1 Training:

Private one to one Personal Training in our private PT facility. This will typically occur two or more times a week. In this step your progression is our number one priority and our personal studio make this possible with all the focus being on you during your appointment.


1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching:

We want to ensure all the work you are putting in at the studio is reflected by your results. Without the restrictive diets or strict eating regimes, we allow you to take back control and make progress on your terms, with our expert, non-judgemental guidance.

Envision App:

Exclusive access to Envision app run and powered by PT Hub. This online platform that gives you all the additional tools you need to maximise your performance in all areas. Highlights include recipe books, follow along mobility and yoga videos and tips and tricks to ensure you get full value for your investment into your health.



Review Check-ins every 4-6 weeks to review exactly where we are at compared to our vision set within the Transformation Pathway. This is vital to ensure we keep you 100% on track, making any adjustments we need so you achieve your goals.


Want to see if our Personal Training is the right approach for you? We offer a zero-obligation trial session so you can have peace of mind in your choice. To grab your slot, or ask any questions you might have- just fill in your details below:

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